(Daniel and Veterine)Merry Christmas from Hope For Life:A Year In Review Eight months ago, eight children sat in a prison dejected, alone, starving, and sick with malaria. In the midst of this, eleven other children

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November Update

HighlightsOne of our staff is attending a 20 day training put on by Youth With A Mission. We are excited she has been given this opportunity to improve her skills with kids, as it has

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October Update

(The 6 HFL boys who passed their district exams!) It has been a busy month and we have much to report! We have accepted 5 new boys who are all orphans into HFL, bringing the

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September Update

Together, we’ve done so much!This month we celebrate 6 months of work amongst street children in Rwanda! Each week, we continue to receive positive reports from Rwanda documenting the healing, growth, and holistic transformation of

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August Update

As we look back on the past 5 months, we are in awe at all that we have been given and all the ways that God has blessed our efforts. We hope the news below

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July Happenings

We praise God for His faithfulness in providing each month for the HFL home! It has been a busy but encouraging month.Here are a few of the highlights:The HFL home moved to a new location.

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May and June Update

Recent NewsThe boys were all tested for HIV, and all results were negative! We are immensely proud of the children for their bravery in getting tested, as they were very frightened.The children continue to LOVE

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April Update

Recent NewsWe now have 11 boys in our program!Our HFL staff found Habimana, one of the boys who was accepted into a different program, on the streets. He said he ran away because he was

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Update for March

Recent News The Lord is still moving in this work! We have received more monthly financial commitments, and we are trusting and praying that God will provide for the rest of our monetary needs. The

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HFL is now up and running!

Recent News The boys are officially out of prison and in the home! Additionally, progress is going better than we had hoped! Josiane emailed us with word that the children are very eager in helping

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