Hope For Life December 2011 Update

The past month has been very eventful at HFLM despite most of the boys staying with family or relatives for a portion of their two-month school holiday. Six boys stayed at HFLM for the whole

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November 2011 Update

We are excited to have completed our second full year of school at HFLM! We are very proud of the boys for all of their hard work and how well they have done. In particular,

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October 2011 Update

After spending almost a month in the USA, HFLM warmly received Hilliary back to Rwanda. We have found October to already be a busy month as we’ve witnessed God continuing to move and as we

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HFLM September 2011 Update

During the boy’s recent three week long vacation, our four boys attending boarding school came home. One of these children is Veterne who resides at an orthopedic center where he has been undergoing physical therapy

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August 2011 Update

Hope For Life was privileged to host the Hovde family as they recently visited Rwanda and spent a day at HFLM. All eight of them impressed us with their diligence and hard work. They planted

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July 2011 Update

We are delighted to announce that the boys of HFLM are officially living in their new home! The day of our move several of the boys stood up praising God for all that He has

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April 2011 Update

It is hard to believe that our boys have completed another academic quarter. Once again, two of our children received the highest test scores in their class. Congratulations to Paul and Berco! Some of the

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March 2011 Update

HFLM was privileged to welcome Eric and Sharon Hovde and Jeff Boyd of the Hovde Foundation to Rwanda last month. During their visit, we held the Opening Ceremony for our new home, the Swanson-Hovde House.

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February Update 2011

The finishing touches are being done on the new Hope For Life house and the boys will move in next month! The Hovde Foundation will be joining us to celebrate the opening of the “Swanson-Hovde

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