HFLM Update December 2013

“There’s an emergency, come quick!” exclaimed Yassipi, one of the boys at HFLM. Staff rushed into the home and saw orange flames emerging from one of the bedrooms. Only moments earlier, Yassipi heard a “pop”

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November Update 2013

 “My name is Grace!” five year old Grace proclaimed excitedly.  It is a rare sight seeing someone so proud to declare their name, but up until this last month, 5 year old Grace had no

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October Update 2013

We are experimenting with HFLM’s update style and would love to hear your feedback. Recently we were quite touched by God’s hand at work and we share with you this unfolding story. Hope For Life’s

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September 2013

September brings an end to summer, as well as the dry season in Rwanda. The dust is starting to settle as Hilliary adjusts to life back in Seattleand Torey makes Rwandahome. All of our boys

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August 2013

  Veterne, Hilliary, Daniel, Idrissa, and PascalFor founder Hilliary Anderson, it is a time of transition. She has returned this month to the States and Torey de Rozario has taken the Executive Director position in

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July 2013

 Hope you had a happy 4th of July! Rwandaalso shares the Independence Day of the USA. The children have enjoyed having two days off of school to celebrate Rwanda’s Independenceand Liberation Day.    Since Hilliary’s

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June 2013 Update

This last month has truly been a time of blessings and God’s providence. The blessings began with three boys giving their hearts to the Lord and being baptized. We are excited to share how God

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May 2013 Update

This month is a mix of hellos and goodbye.  We have accepted two new boys into our program, and are saying goodbye to Torey Rozario who has served at HFLM since September 2012. Although she

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April Update

The joy of spring is upon us and we are blessed with new and renewed life.  Many lives continue to be transformed through HFLM as God fills our hearts. It is a true blessing to

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March Update 2013

Chantal Umutesi has been with HFLM from the very beginning and is a huge reason why Hope For Life stands so strong today. This month we are delighted to highlight Chantal, co-founder of Hope For

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