noun. one who desires change in the world and by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen.
HFL’s Changemakers are a group of monthly givers who are just as passionate as us about ending child homelessness.
Monthly giving brings sustainable resources to HFL, so we can focus on creating impact. Want to become a Changemaker?
Simply choose your monthly amount and use the form above to create your recurring gift.
Changemakers are vital partners, so you’ll receive special communications several times a year and be invited to Changemaker-only events.


Most of Hope for Life’s donations are from individuals, like you, making simple sacrifices so youth and families can count on having what they need to permanently leave homelessness. And that’s a big deal.
A lot of our favorite things are simple & small – but could we give them up every once in a while to make room for children healing from homelessness?
Just one latte! That’s it!
$ 0
Unlimited music streaming. Commercials are a good reminder to take a break!
$ 0
A new t-shirt. You already look great!
$ 0
Whatever you bought off Amazon Prime that you probably forgot about…
$ 0
A dinner for two. We completely support date night but get creative instead!
$ 0
I mean, we don’t want to limit anyone here 🙂
$ 0 +
“We’ve been able to travel to Rwanda to witness the impact of many generous HFL supporters. Monthly donations are invested in areas that genuinely transform individuals, families, and communities. Hope for Life’s commitment to humility without savior complex, continuous learning, partnership with communities, and creating holistic avenues for the marginalized to flourish remains a beacon for us to emulate.”

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