Staff in both Rwanda and the US operate under their own governing Boards of Directors and managing leaders. The two teams work together in long-term partnership to achieve their shared vision.


Leads the design and execution of programs in their communities.

Daniel Ledama

Executive Director

Elyne Ishimwe Mugiraneza

Finance & Administration Manager

Marie Chantal Numukobwa

Transitional Program Coordinator

Anathalie Umugwaneza

Family Psychologist

Josiane Umutoniwase

Family Support & Monitoring Coordinator

George Kabano

Case Manager

Kellen Mbabazi

Case Manager

Janvier Ngabo

Case Attendant

Pacifique Niyitanga

Program Support Staff

Daniel Ndikubwimana

Office Security Guard

Javan Irakiza

Office Security Guard

Felix Ndikumwenayo

Center Security Guard

Alphonse Twahirwa

Security Guard

Esther Bayizere

Support Staff

Thacienne Mukantabana

Specialized Caretaker


Supports the organization’s mission by focusing on fundraising, marketing, outreach, and program support as requested.

Edward Sumner

Executive Director

Amanda Viereck

Events & Engagement Manager

Maggie Dalzell

Communications Contractor


Each Board of Directors, in Rwanda and the US, volunteer their time and expertise to provide governance, financial oversight, and fundraising support.

Jacques Nsenjyumva

Rwanda Board Chair

Nathan Dowling

Rwanda Board Vice Chair

Amos Furaha

Rwanda Board Treasurer

Nicole Nukunzi

Rwanda Board Secretary

Aimable Rukundo

Rwanda Board Member

Charlotte Usanase

Rwanda Board Member

Christophe Mbonyingabo

Rwanda Board Member

Jean Ngirimana

Rwanda Board Member

Philip Keeton

US Board Chair

Tim Sneath

US Board Treasurer

Marissa Ukosakul-Witt

US Board Secretary

Pomaa Arthur

US Board Member

Tressa Sylwester

US Board Member

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