Making Dreams A Reality

Have you ever had to make the difficult decision of choosing your dreams or doing what is needed in the moment? 20-year-old James is no stranger to this dilemma. In 2015, James eagerly and proudly entered high school, the first person in his family to reach that far in his education. He was thrilled for the chance to focus on his studies and work toward his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. His excitement, however, was short lived as James learned that his mother was seriously ill. As the oldest child in a single parent household, James felt the burden of caring for his family. He found a full-time job as a cook to be able to pay for his mother’s medicine, to provide financially for his four younger siblings, and pay for his school fees. He tried his best to study in his limited free time but his grades inevitably began slipping as he struggled to work full-time and care for his family. It looked like James would have to drop out of school.

Then, in 2016, James found Hope for Life and learned about our community sponsorship program. The program focuses on providing support to vulnerable families with the goal of keeping children in school and families together. Today, James no longer has to worry about choosing between school and his family. He is able to focus on his studies while also being present to help his family. He is in his last year of high school and after graduation he dreams of opening a business and being able to pay for his sibling’s school fees himself.

On school breaks, James enjoys visiting Hope for Life’s staff and the children in our rehabilitative home. He loves teaching the kids acrobatics, gymnastics and encouraging them in their faith. He is a role model to his younger siblings, to the children at Hope for Life’s home, and to his watching community.

Without your support, James would have been forced to drop out of school and he and his family would have likely remained stuck in the cycle of poverty. Thank you for your partnership that is helping make dreams a reality for families like James’!

Over 20 children in Hope for Life’s community program are waiting for a sponsor – someone to commit to providing for their school fees each month so they can achieve flourishing futures. You can become a sponsor to one of these children for less than $1.50 a day.

For more information, please visit www.hopeforlife.us/sponsor-a-child

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