Youth Empowerment

At Hope for Life, the ultimate goal is for youth to heal from the trauma of homelessness and lead empowered lives.
For many, this means returning home to the love of family, which may include parents, step-parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or a foster family. Each family undergoes months of preparation as well as undergoing their own trauma-healing before they are ready to receive a youth back into their home with continued support from HFL.
For some HFL youth, however, returning to a family is not possible due to failed family tracing or irreparable relationships. For these young men, their journey involves transitioning into independent living with other youth who are similar in age and lived experiences. These young men are part of a special subgroup of HFL’s Reintegration Program called Youth Empowerment. Over the past year, the services provided for these youth have been enhanced and strengthened to better meet their unique needs. Youth Empowerment is led by Innocent, HFL’s Youth Economic Empowerment Officer. The group meets regularly for services like mentorship, financial literacy training, short and long-term goal setting, and accountability. Innocent also helps connect them to possible internships and career opportunities.


One such youth who currently participates in Youth Empowerment is 21-year-old, Frances*. During the COVID school closures, he spent a lot of time thinking about his future, and decided that he wanted to pursue vocational training instead of continuing with traditional school. Interested in machines, he approached a friend who works with cars. His friend agreed to mentor him, and he has now been working under him for nearly a year! Through conversation with Innocent and his mentor, it was decided that he has reached a skill level where he could begin working more independently. In February, HFL helped Frances purchase his own auto mechanic materials and tools so that he could start working for himself.
Starting a new business during the pandemic would be a challenge for anyone. And yet, Frances has approached it with innovation and determination. In addition to performing car repairs, Frances also started fixing and selling spare parts to supplement his income while he is building his client base. Now that he has a steady source of income, Frances and Innocent also worked together to create a savings plan, with an initial goal of saving $10/month.
We have no doubt that Frances’s ingenuity, honesty, and work ethic will propel him to a flourishing future. Plus, he has the support of the greater Hope for Life community behind him every step of the way. Thank you for empowering Frances and those like him to to heal and grow on the path toward independence.
*Note: All names have been changed for youth confidentiality purposes.

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2021 Impact

So far this year, your partnership has helped achieve the following:


Youth served


Youth reintegrated


of families who have been reintegrated in the last three years are still together


caretakers received support in securing employment


youth participated in a two-day leadership training