Dear Hope for Life Family,

The past several years have been full of growth for HFL. With your partnership, more children are being served each year, programs have expanded, and operations have grown in both Rwanda and the U.S. HFL, while still grassroots

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New beginnings are often bittersweet. This sentiment is definitely true as we celebrate the milestone transformations of several Hope for Life youth. In the past year, eight young men have officially transitioned from Hope for Life’s programs

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Love Wins

It was late afternoon when Hope for Life’s (HFL) Learning Trip participants arrived to the Nyabugogo neighborhood of Kigali, Rwanda. Chantal, HFL Rwanda’s Executive Director, had driven the car as fast as she could, trying to beat the dark rain clouds looming over the distant hills.

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Making Dreams A Reality

Have you ever had to make the difficult decision of choosing your dreams or doing what is needed in the moment? 20-year-old James is no stranger to this dilemma.

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I’m Not a Zombie, I Swear

A few weeks ago I walked into our home for boys and met eyes with a beautiful yet, unfamiliar face. The child was very small, wearing pink clothes, and had a fairly girlish face.

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