Family Reconciliation: A Relationship Restored

Hope For Life staff scanned the crowded market, and instantly spotted 8-year-old Eric. He was severely malnourished and suffered from a critical case of untreated scabies, leaving open wounds across his body. He spent the next few weeks recovering at Hope for Life. We learned that Eric’s father had left the family when Eric was 6. Eric’s 10-year-old sister Diane worked at the market all day with their mom, who struggled with alcoholism and violence, often dwelling with abusive boyfriends.

Over the next five years, Eric has lived at our home, and Diane has lived with a foster family nearby. Both children are thriving.  Today, Eric is a role model for the younger boys, and is consistently one of the top performing students in his class. Despite the neglect and abuse he experienced in his childhood, a deep love for his parents has remained in his heart, leading him to pray for them regularly.

Unfortunately, however, Eric’s mom remains neglectful, and they hadn’t heard from their father in eight years. Despite the odds, we didn’t give up. After five years of searching, we finally located their father earlier this year.

We accompanied Eric and Diane to see their father. It was a challenging and wonderful day. Rwandan Executive Director, Chantal, said, “Eric was so happy to know that he resembles his dad.” They spent the day together and were able to talk through some of their challenging pasts, bringing healing and hope.

Although it’s not a possibility for Eric and Diane to live with either biological parent at this point, they are pleased to remain in contact as they slowly mend their relationships.

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Thanks to your support and partnership, families like Eric’s are slowly being restored.

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