February Update 2011

The finishing touches are being done on the new Hope For Life house and the boys will move in next month! The Hovde Foundation will be joining us to celebrate the opening of the “Swanson-Hovde House,” along with many Rwandans from our community. When the boys went to visit their new house, Yves asked in disbelief, “This house isn’t just for us, right? Other children must be living here too, because this house is so big!” It took him at least 10 minutes to accept that the new house was being built just for them.

The boys were privileged to welcome Amy Carnell from the Seattle Sounders who put on a soccer camp last month. The boys were delighted to practice their skills and receive jerseys and balls from the Sounders. To see an entertaining video of the boys trying to learn the Seattle Sounders cheer, visit http://sharing.theflip.com/session/443e4da60faf45a202e70e3494b05a46/video/60835391

We were thrilled to receive the boys’ test scores from their school. Our oldest boy, David, earned the highest test scores in his school and has the opportunity to attend an esteemed boarding school for his secondary studies. David is very excited, and although we will miss him, we are immensely proud of him and eager to visit him at his new school.

Veterne, who has been crippled since birth, has the tremendous opportunity to walk! He has been accepted into a pediatric orthopedic center for children with physical handicaps. He will remain there for one year, undergoing surgery on his legs, receiving physical therapy, continuing his studies, and learning how to walk. We already miss him, but his new house mom tells us that he is doing well in school and making new friends.

The boys have discovered a new favorite activity of dressing up and modeling. After their afternoon nap, they can be seen putting silly clothes on and creating a make-shift “runway” to show off their outfits and “model walks.” It is absolutely hilarious and never fails to become an afternoon of laughs.

Please join us in prayer for the safety of our staff as there was another grenade attack in Kigali. We greatly appreciate all of your prayers and support.

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