Hope For Life April 2012 Update

Tear drops hit the red dust near a little boy’s bare feet. His bloated yet empty stomach protrudes under tattered overalls that hang loosely from his shoulders. His bed is the protective walls of the street gutters where sewage freely oozes through, and his scarce meals are bartered from the coins given by a rare passerby that tosses him their sympathy. Although only 5 years old at the time, Nsabiri lived on the streets, had no home, and no one was looking after him. Sobbing he cried out, “Please, don’t leave me here. I don’t want to sleep in the street gutters anymore!” Six months later Nsabiri’s cries were answered when HFLM officially opened on March 14th, 2009.

This last week, Hilliary was able to share Nsabiri’s story and the stories of so many others with similar plights who shared Nsabiri’s hunger for a different life. Standing in front of 700 middle school and high school students at Cedar Park Christian School (CPCS), she was able to touch the hearts of the students and provide hope for them to do something for others less fortunate. Many of the students were inspired by the transformation underway at HFLM. Each student had a picture of one of the boys under their seats and was challenged to take that picture and pray for that boy. The students excitedly went around the sanctuary, snatching up any leftover pictures. One girl shared that she had taken over 16 pictures, taped them to her mirror as a call to prayer for the boys. She also engaged her mother who has joined in the prayer for the boys. It was touching to see the response of the student body at CPCS and their hearts for the vulnerable children in Rwanda that are their age.

Every child has a right to be fed, clothed, educated, receive shelter, and have their medical needs treated. It costs approximately $98 a month to do this for each of the boys at HFLM. Please consider investing in one of the boys at HFLM and sponsor him to receive these basic human needs so they can continue to open their hearts to Jesus. We currently have 17 boys who need sponsors. If you are interested in serving as a sponsor, or even partially sponsoring a child, please email Hilliary at andersonhfl@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, in Rwanda another trimester of school has been completed at HFLM and the boys are on break. We are excited to welcome home Veterne and Claude who are attending boarding school. Veterne was excited to come home and share his knowledge of sign language and the other skills he has learned at his specialized boarding school. He continues his physical therapy learning how to walk, and more and more takes part in those games and activities that involve walking and running. When the whole family is home, we have the opportunity to further invest in their lives as we put on special events along with the times of prayer. We cherish these times of break and they stand as markers of the growth and development of all at HFLM.

Thanks to the Hovde Foundation, HFLM now has three computers providing the opportunity for the boys to learn computer skills. Most people in Rwanda never have the chance to own a computer, learn to type, or use computer programs. This training will further enable and train our boys to succeed in future careers. We are so grateful for the continuing support of the Hovde Foundation.

We are all so very thankful for how well the boys are doing and the consistency they have had in their lives through being at HFLM. Your support makes this possible and we can’t begin to tell you how much it means to us and more importantly to the boys. Thank You!

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