June Update 2012

Thank you all for your prayers for the Cooper family! As they completed their time serving in Rwanda and were preparing to leave, Corban caught a 24 hour flu and had to be hospitalized. Thanks to the grace of God, Corban was able to leave the hospital just in time for his family to catch their flight back to Seattle. Their family feels blessed to be back at home and commented, “We feel we are now living in a Four Seasons Hotel compared to where we had been living so we’re really enjoying that.”
Hilliary will be heading back to Rwanda this month to spend the next year living and serving in Rwanda. She is very excited because Gwen, an intern from Moody Bible Institute, will be serving alongside her for two months in order to serve the boys and assist with daily needs. If you are interested in interning or volunteering with HFLM either in the States or in Rwanda, please visit our website for more information: www.hopeforlifeministry.org.
HFLM has been blessed to be able to accept another child named Patrick who is 13 years old. Although his siblings, Nsabiri and Baby, have been living at HFLM for the past three years, Patrick was living at another street center. When this center shut down last fall, he went to live with his mother off and on. But due to his mother’s abuse of alcohol and the severe poverty, Patrick spent most of his time on the streets.
HFLM staff found Patrick on the streets, and he begged to be allowed to come and live at HFLM with his brothers. HFLM staff searched for his mother to obtain permission and found her, skin clinging to her bones, collecting garbage for dinner. When asked if she would be fine with Patrick living at HFLM, she agreed without hesitation. Patrick was absolutely elated, and his joy overflowed as the staff brought him to his new home. He literally ran, pulling the staff to the bus station. Patrick was so overcome with anticipation of his life changing for the better that he would have run the whole 12 miles. He has transitioned extremely well to his new family, and it seems like he has always lived there.
It is through partnerships with you that HFLM is able to continue providing a safe home to Patrick and many others like him. With continued support, HFLM hopes to offer a safe home to even more boys. Thank you for so faithfully and generously giving your prayers, resources, and time to this ministry!
A garage sale will be held this July to benefit HFLM. If you have items to donate or would like to help coordinate this fundraiser, please contact Megan at swansonhfl@gmail.com


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