Meet HFLM’s New “Mama”

HFLM has a new “mama”! We are overjoyed to introduce you to our newest Residential Counselor, Jeannette. By the end of her first week, our staff stood in awe as we heard the boys already calling her “mama.” Since joining in April, she has made valuable changes in our home and in our hearts.

Given that our home is constantly filled with boys transitioning from the streets, it has always been a challenge to develop habits of good hygiene. In Jeanette’s first hour on the clock, this experienced mother of three quickly inspired a house cleaning party. After only three weeks, Jeanette’s encouragement has quickly turned our young men into the sharpest looking kids on the block.

In addition to the physical improvements Jeannette has brought us, we’ve also witnessed growth within our kids. A former teacher and counselor, Jeannette quickly developed a new mentorship program whereby the older boys take turns leading Bible studies and tutoring sessions for the smaller kids. As a result, we’ve seen seeds of maturity and self-confidence start to flourish in our older boys. 13-year-old Eric has especially thrived in his new responsibilities and even earned the nickname “Mayor” from the smaller boys.

Jeannette was quick to connect with our boys’ hearts. Her patient and nurturing disposition naturally draws people in, leading our youth to openly share their lives with her. 17-year-old Valence became part of the HFLM family last December. This shy and withdrawn young man has had much difficulty transitioning into our home, as he has resisted participating in activities or connecting with staff. However, in Jeanette’s first few weeks, she and Valence could be seen every evening talking on the porch until the moon shone down on them. Since then, Valence has opened up about his life on the streets and is making significant progress in his rehabilitation.

Please join us in welcoming Jeannette into our HFLM family! We may be a family scattered across the world but our hearts beat together to see God’s kingdom flourish on the streets of Rwanda.

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