November 2012 Update

We have been encouraged in this season of transition as we experience God moving in our lives. New doors of opportunity for the ministry and children are opening, bringing increased clarity for the future of HFLM. We are continually blessed by your faithful prayers and support. While new government policies carry some uncertainty, our confidence grows in the knowledge that God is paving a way for the HFLM home to continue to flourish.
Hilliary and Chantal visited little Claude and found him thriving at his grandmother’s. It was a joyous reunion
It has indeed been an eye opening month as we prepare 7 boys for a December reintegration. To ensure the boys will return to safe, loving environments, Chantal and Torey have been busy traveling across Rwanda to visit living relatives of the boys. While it is no surprise many of the children come from a life of severe poverty, directly witnessing those conditions has been perspective changing. HFLM’s reintegration process includes an evaluation of each home’s living standards and an assessment of physical and economic needs. In understanding the families’ skill set, we are seeking to create partnerships, bringing growth and sustainability, allowing them to provide for their children.


 Sarah, Patrick’s sister on the right, and her younger sister are facing starving because of their family’s severe poverty. They would be greatly blessed by having some of their basic needs provided for.
Yvette embracing Torey after receiving October’s rent money
One of the most touching visits was to the home of 9 year old Eric’s mother, Yvette. The contrast of the living conditions Eric was raised in to where he is now staying at HFLM was striking. Yvette lives in a small mud hut with a cloth over the main door, dirt floors, and a roof eaten by rust. She barely survives from her income of sifting beans and wishes she could start over and have a new life. Although she was downcast and initially reserved, by the end of our visit she also confided about her drinking problem which is encouraged by her abusive and alcoholic boyfriend.

During the evaluation, the presence of Spirit was felt strongly in the room and it was clear Jesus had more in mind. Torey felt led to share with Yvette the Father’s love for her. Following prayer, Yvette accepted him into her heart for the first time and her spirit was noticeably lifted. In gaining knowledge that Yvette had been unable to pay her rent this past month Torey handed her the money for October’s rent, and Yvette completely broke down into joyous tears. It was a powerful, Spirit filled afternoon. Unfortunately, the living conditions at the home are not suitable for Eric to return home, but we feel optimistic of Yvette’s genuine heart to change her life and follow Christ. Our hope is to help her move near HFLM with a fresh start. The job opportunities are exponentially higher and it would also allow her relationship with Eric to strengthen, while he continues to be nurtured at HFLM.

 This family would be blessed with cemented floors, roof reparations, and a front door
We would love to raise the funds to support these families by the time the boys go home in December. The needs of each family are unique ranging from: house additions, roofs or walls, and farm animals to loans to start small businesses. On our website (click here) you can find a list of ways to help. One specific opportunity is to celebrate the reunions and abundantly bless the boys and their families this Holiday season. We have started a Christmas Gift Exchange, where you can select a gift(s) such as: sending a child to school, repairing a portion of a family’s home, or providing capital to assist in starting a business endeavor. Whether it be a Christmas present for a friend or simply as a direct gift to these families, your generosity will make a major difference in the lives of a family.
Pascal tending our new goats
Thank you so much for your support and a special thanks to Northshore Baptist Church (Bothell, WA). Missions Pastor Tim Burke visited the home, bringing a generous donation from the church of water pumps and money to buy goats. We have already purchased 5 goats, and will be breeding them for the families of the boys being reintegrated. It is humbling and exciting to watch these families grow by the grace of God and your generosity. We are filled with gratitude for all of our sponsors and for the chance to play a part in this process of the Spirit in action.

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