September 2010 Update

We write to you today with much joy and thanksgiving! Last week we received encouraging and amazing news that Josiane decided to return all of our old boys, our previous possessions, and our former house to HFLM’s care! A contract between she and HFLM has been signed, and as of August 30th, the boys are once again in our protection and care! We will promptly be moving back into our formerly rented house with the addition of two new boys who eagerly joined HFLM last month. Please continue to join us in prayer for the boys’ healing and restoration. We were distraught to discover their physical, emotional, and spiritual condition due to the trials they have undergone. However, we hold onto the scriptures which tell us that suffering is not without reason or purpose, but that our loving God uses it to refine and mature His people. Thank you for standing by us in prayer and support through these trials. We praise God for opening doors for the boys to be returned to our care and are grateful to have such wonderful, loyal, and encouraging people like yourself around us!

In other news, we have begun construction on our new land and hope to have the house finished by January 2011. Upon its completion, HFLM will be accepting a few more boys into the program and will be adding another staff member to our team. Due to our upcoming expansion, we will have increased financial needs. To help compensate for these anticipated needs we are holding an art exhibition, Creative Change: A Benefit Art Exhibition for Rwandan Street Children. The event will occur on September 18, 2010 at Hallway Gallery in Bellevue, WA. The exhibition will feature pieces from Rwandan artists who grew up in orphanages themselves. Fifty percent of the proceeds will directly benefit HFLM while the remaining fifty percent will support the artists themselves. We look forward to joining you for a meaningful evening filled with beautiful art and wine for the betterment and care of Rwandan children!

Creative Change: A Benefit Art Exhibition for Rwandan Street Children
September 18, 2010
Five to Eight O’clock PM
Bellevue Hallway Gallery
800 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

Thank you again for your steadfast partnership during the trials of the last few months. We hope
your faith is encouraged by seeing the Lord’s hand move in HFLM.

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