The Process of Reintegration

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Two years ago, we introduced you to a pair of unnamed five-year-old twins we found living alone on the streets. Your support allowed us to welcome Benjamin into our home while setting up Grace in a nearby home for girls, ensuring their ability to see each other often. They chose names for themselves, and began the journey towards healing. While Benjamin has made incredible strides in his own recovery, he has continually longed for a family. Unable to live with his abusive mom, and having no other known relatives, his dream of a family looked grim.
Last month, however, we received a call from a woman, who explained, “I’m calling about a boy named Benjamin. This is his grandmother.” Our staff listened in disbelief as the grandmother expressed her strong desire to meet her grandchildren and have them come stay with her. The following week, Benjamin and Grace visited their grandma for the first time and also discovered they have an aunt and uncle! Benjamin and Grace returned home beaming. “I am so happy to have had conversations with my grandma and aunt,” Benjamin told us. “We fetched water and had fun playing games. I learned that they love me and care! I really never thought it was possible to have a family.”
This process of reconciling and moving in with family is what we call “reintegration.” Believing that many wounds can be healed when family ties are restored, reintegration is the goal we strive for with our kids whenever possible. Often taking several years to complete, reintegration is the ultimate culmination of a child’s transformation.
The twins happily meeting their grandma and aunt.
When asked what he thought about living with his grandma and Grace, Benjamin’s face glowed. He responded, “It makes me so happy. I would like that!” He paused before finishing, “…But only as long as there were days that I could still come to HFLM!”
We stand at a new starting line with our dear twins, looking ahead at a horizon that is shining brightly. This horizon breathes a new beginning, carrying with it potential for a family to begin writing a new chapter together at last.


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