Many of the children in Hope for Life’s programs showed GREAT success after what had been a challenging year. At the end of the last school year, many of the boys in our rehabilitation program finished with lower than expected grades. There was great disappointment and frustration. What could have turned sour, though, our tenacious boys used as fuel to encourage themselves. As boy after boy made a goal to improve in school, a noticeable shift started to occur in our home’s culture and attitude surrounding education. We added a teacher to our staff team, and the kids started choosing to spend extra time studying in the evenings. Even occasional power outages didn’t stop these boys as they would huddle around a candle instead.

We are proud to report that out of the 24 young men living in Hope for Life’s Hovde house, THREE received the top scores in their class, and FIVE others were in the top four! This is truly mind blowing as many of these children have either never been to school before or have resumed their studies after being forced to take several years off.


Aimable came to HFL last year after enduring two years of homelessness. Out of the six trimesters he has completed while at HFL, he has remarkably been #1 in his class five times! He’s only 10-years-old but this boy has big dreams to finish secondary school, attend university outside of Rwanda, and then become a dancer. We are so grateful that his future won’t be spent on the streets but in a place where he will have the opportunity to chase his dreams! Dream on, Little Dancer.

Once children begin to shed the identity of their past, they begin looking forward instead of backward. Education provides a doorway to a new world of possibilities for their lives. Before HFL, most children’s dreams consisted of surviving another day. When you ask a child now what they envision for their future, their eyes light up, and a smile washes over their face as they tell you that they dream of becoming judges, businessmen, dancers, soccer players, pastors, and even the president.

Thank you for your role in allowing children in Rwanda to dream and to work hard toward their goals!

Megan Chao
US Executive Director


65 currently enrolled in school through HFL’s programs

55% attending school for the first time

8 scored in the top four in their classes

7 pursuing vocational training