“I’m deeply moved by the healing and hope that HFLM brings to children and I feel honored to have been a part of it. God is so present here. The word transformative gets thrown around often but this work truly IS transformative.” –Torey de Rozario

This month, the boys and staff of HFLM said goodbye to Torey de Rozario after over two years of service. Torey’s hard work has powerfully shaped HFLM and her impact will continue as she continues to serve the ministry stateside. Under Torey’s leadership, HFLM has transitioned all of our children over to private English school, developed a robust family empowerment program, trained and transitioned leadership over to Chantal and Marie Clarice, and raised over $65,000! Torey brought unity and life to our children and staff as she so naturally emits love to those around her. We have become our best with Torey around us and we could not be more grateful for her outpouring of skills, time, and heart into HFLM. 

Torey and Benjamin, before she headed back to the USA on November 4th.

One of Torey’s most life changing experiences was rescuing and naming two five-year old twins. These twins had only been called “boy” and “girl” and endured heart-breaking abuse while fending for themselves on the streets. Through HFLM, Benjamin and Grace are now learning their identity through their heavenly father and know they are deeply loved.

One year later, Benjamin and Grace have just completed their first year of school! They have been given a whole new world of opportunities through education, counseling, and the love of their new families. After only one year in school, Benjamin is already one of HFLM’s strongest English speakers and often translates for the other boys. Benjamin’s confidence, discipline and deep joy are touching to witness. He frequently goes out of his way to help others, and the biggest smile appears on his face every time he is told what a good boy he is. HFLM remains closely connected with Grace as well, who lives in a nearby home for girls and regularly visits to receive counseling and play with her brother. To watch Benjamin and Grace’s full story on youtube, click here.

Benjamin and Grace’s radical transformation from an identity and life on the streets gives us a glimpse into God’s deep love and justice for his children. They are such a strong testament to the freedom and healing He is bringing and we are so honored to be doing this work with you!

Thank you to each of you who participated in our recent fundraisers in Edmonds, Washington and Vail, Colorado! Together, we raised nearly $24,000 to continue our transformative work with vulnerable children. We are so grateful!
Edmonds, WA Benefit Dinner from left to right: Co-Founders Chantal, Hilliary, Megan, pianist Jason Coult, HFLM Board President Christophe.


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