HFLM Rescues Two New Boy

We are delighted to announce that Hope For Life Ministry accepted two new boys into our program last month. We are honored to introduce our new friends to you!

Irakiza outside his new home at HFLM

Five-year-old Irakizi is the youngest member of our HFLM family. He has a huge personality and brings great creativity and energy to the home. He can often be found exploring our property, creating games, and making others smile with his contagious laughter. When asked why he likes HFLM, Irakiza responded, “I like Hope For Life because they give me food and meat and French fries and potatoes and bread!” Irakiza, however, hasn’t always been so happy. He spent his young life on Rwanda’s streets, finding meals in the garbage dump and was the victim of regular physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. When another children’s center called us saying they found a boy too young for their program, we excitedly welcomed Irakiza into our family.

Valence after being accepted into HFLM’s home

17-year old Valence is a quiet and humble young man who had been living on the streets in HFLM’s neighborhood for the past four years. Valence grew up living with his grandmother. When she passed away, the sons of his grandmother told him to go to his father’s family, because they were worried he might inherit their land. Valence sought out his father and found him living in such severe poverty that he couldn’t even afford to buy food, let alone pay for school fees. Valence decided that life on the streets would be better than starving at home. Two years ago, we met Valence when he began coming to HFLM’s outreach program, where he would wash his clothes, eat a nutritious meal, receive counseling, and pray with our staff. After showing significant growth and a motivation to live a changed life, we brought him to live at our HFLM home. He is enjoying his new family, and we are all thrilled to have him with us!

Both Irakiza and Valence are in need of sponsors. If you are interested in supporting them partially or in full, please visit our sponsorship page

Your support is empowering children who have lost hope to have an opportunity for new life. As the Christmas season approaches, we are reminded of God’s great love for us and that He is the Father to the fatherless. God bless and Merry Christmas! 

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