A Month of Joy




Two years ago on a dreary afternoon, a dejected young boy walked into our compound. He hadn’t showered in over a week and an expression of hard numbness was etched onto his 14-year-old face.  Although his name, Joyeux, means happiness, he hadn’t experienced it in a long time. His family had rejected Joyeux and kicked him out of the house, leaving him nowhere to go except the streets.


Local street boys that attend HFLM’s outreach program: the boys wash their clothes, eat a warm meal, receive loving counsel, and learn about Jesus.
Joyeux had been living on the streets for over a year when he heard about HFLM’s weekly outreach services and decided to check it out. For the next two years, he came every week to shower, wash his clothes, eat a hot meal, receive loving counseling, and learn about Jesus.  He reflected, “When I first came to HFLM, I didn’t know the difference between right and wrong, but my eyes have been opened. I enjoy coming to outreach and hearing the word of God. It makes me happy.” This past January, after three years on the streets, Joyeux asked his mom if he could come home. She was reluctant at first, but soon her heart softened and they were able to reconcile. Joyeux is now residing at home and will continue being supported by our staff. 
Joyeux was motivated to reconcile with his family after participating in HFLM’s outreach program.
Joyeux is enrolling in vocational school, with HFLM’s financial assistance, to become a mechanic. He is deeply excited and cites HFLM as his motivation to not only pursue reconciliation with is family, but also to commit to studying.  “I came to Hope For Life and listened to their advice. I made up my mind and want to have a better future. Life on the streets is not easy. I know that if I can learn something, my life will be better.” If you are interested in sponsoring this changed young man through auto mechanic trade school, please click here
We are honored to journey with you as, together, we equip Rwandan children to change their futures. Thank you for standing with us in partnership!
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