Surprising New Year’s resolutions from the boys of HFLM

Paul, Djuhudi, & Emile’s goals: be closer to God, forgive enemies, and learn to read and write.
Last month, we introduced Amanda Good and the transformative work she has been doing with the boys at HFLM. Each week, she leads an interactive devotion with the boys, asking challenging questions, discussing what it looks like to be a Christ follower, and having a time of journaling their prayers and reflections. The boys finished their first mini-series devotional on goal setting just in time for the New Year. The boys eagerly wrote down their goals for this next year, imagining the kind of person they would like to grow to be. The following are a few highlights of their 2015 goals:
  • “I want to be a good example in all that I am doing.”
  • “I want to grow in love.”
  • “I want to honor God in my youth and all the days of my life”
These goals demonstrate what precious hearts our incredible young men possess. To learn more, watch our goal setting video here!
Claude’s goal: “I want to love people more than I do.” He also wants to work hard at school, respect his teachers, and become a better soccer player.
Coming from backgrounds of intense abuse, neglect, and rejection, a big struggle amidst many of our boys is changing their self-perspective from an unwanted street child, into a deeply loved child of God. We have begun the next mini-series devotional focused on love and are confronting the common lie street children feel – that they are unworthy of love. After diving deeper into questions of identity and how to receive and show love, one boy wrote in his journal, “From now on, I know that God really loves me so much. When people see me, I want them to see love.” We are beyond excited for this next season!
Jack (right) after being baptized.
16-year-old Jack ended the month by deciding to publicly declare his faith by getting baptized. Jack said, “It is a special day because I have chosen Jesus as my Savior. I thank God because He protected me while I was on the street and He created a way for me to stop that life. I thank God because He just really loves me.”
Thank you very much for all you are doing to enable these important moments in our boys’ lives. As a result of your generosity and support, broken hearts are healing, chains are being broken, and lives are being rebuilt for God’s great glory.

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