April 2014 Update

“It takes a village to raise a child.” This ancient African proverb holds true for Hope For Life Ministry (HFLM) as the children we serve depend on the talents, prayers, and financial contributions from hundreds of generous people like you. We have been immensely impressed with how individuals are finding creative ways to get involved in transforming the lives of Rwandan children.

Kaiah painting to raise money for the boys at HFLM!
Two years ago, seven-year-old Kaiah lived with her family in Rwanda where they served at HFLM. Kaiah spent her days playing with the boys and developing a deep friendship with them. She remembers, “I saw the kids who lived on the streets near our house. They were lonely and didn’t have anything to eat. I know it isn’t good to steal… but they steal because they need to eat. I don’t like stealing, but I don’t like starving either.” When Kaiah heard about the fire that scourged the HFLM center in December, she wanted to do something to help her friends who have already endured so many challenges in their young lives. Her first idea was to sell her rock collection and give the money to the boys. However, after much thought and encouragement from her parents, Kaiah decided to open a small art business where she paints one to two pictures a week and donates the funds to HFLM. Kaiah hopes the money she raises will buy the boys “…things they need like clothes, books and fun toys”. We are so proud of young Kaiah and the fantastic example she is providing to show us we can all do something to help end child homelessness in Rwanda. (See Kaiah’s artwork here!)

Buy a pair of Gutanga pants and support HFLM!

Inspired by the resiliency of the Rwandan people and their fun sense of fashion, former HFLM volunteer Stuart Cornutt is using his entrepreneurial skills to support HFLM’s transformative work. Stuart has created a clothing line called Gutanga (“to give” in Kinyarwanda) that embodies the vivid colors and energetic designs he saw in Rwanda. The best part about these fashionable pants is that a portion of each sale goes to HFLM – how awesome! Check out Gutanga’s website at www.gutanga.com or like them on Facebook!

Torey at the end of the benefit dinner, feeling honored by the support of her Denver community.

HFLM’s Executive Director, Torey Rozario, was home in Colorado last month and with the help of countless friends and relatives, she organized a benefit dinner that left us speechless. Torey’s goal was to raise $10,000. After a beautiful evening in the Colorado mountains, the 160 people who attended the event raised over $40,000 and money continues to come in! There were also commitments to see 10 of our boys through their entire education! Torey cried tears of joy with each donation envelope that she opened, praising God for the overwhelming generosity of her community. Thank you, Denver, for making this the most successful fundraiser HFLM has ever held! Stay tuned for the final count of the generous donations and links to the touching videos shared at the event.

We are so proud of our HFLM community and all that we have been able to accomplish together. May we each continue to use the talents, resources, and time God has given us to give hope to children.   

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