April Update

The joy of spring is upon us and we are blessed with new and renewed life.  Many lives continue to be transformed through HFLM as God fills our hearts. It is a true blessing to serve in such a deep and meaningful way. 

Boys sporting their new jerseys

Volunteer Team Led by Andy Frank
This past month we connected with our old friend, Andy Frank, who brought a large, lively team to the home. It was as if Sports Authority had come to Rwanda and the boys were in paradise. They were showered with bags full of brand new Nike sneakers, soccer balls, sports-wear from jerseys to shorts, dental kits and crafts. Each boy anxiously waited to be individually outfitted. While the Kabuga market offers decent secondhand shoes, new Nike’s were quite the phenomenon.  Torey noticed that each boy diligently washed their new shoes daily and out of fear of get  ting them dirty, only wore them to school.  She told them, “Don’t be afraid to wear your new shoes and play soccer in them! That is exactly what Andy brought them for.” However, some still preferred to play soccer barefoot just to be safe! Watching them take ownership and delicate care of their new things would make any parent proud.

Our new baby goats

In keeping with the spirit of spring and new life, this past week we successfully assisted with the birth of two goats. Last October, we had purchased several goats thanks to a generous donation from Northshore Baptist Church, with the aim of breeding a small flock.  We will soon be able to start giving goats to the families of our reintegrated boys to aid in their self-sustainability. With our growing goat herd, Andy’s team recognized the need for renovating our goat shed and they generously donated enough for us to finish the task.  All in all, it was an amazing time that continues to impact the HFLM family.

Help with a Benefit Dinner
While in the States I (Hilliary) have been busy sharing about HFLM and the work God has been doing through us. I plan to return to Rwanda in June. Until then, we would welcome and deeply appreciate some of you to open your home and host a benefit dinner for HFLM. I would come and share at a personal level all about HFLM. If you are interested in helping, please contact me at andersonhfl@gmail.com.  The goal is to have at least 10 different people host dinners in what promises to be a fun and rewarding evening for all. 
Hope For Life Ministry is incredibly thankful for your strong support through prayer, donations and time generously and faithfully given.

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