May 2013 Update

This month is a mix of hellos and goodbye.  We have accepted two new boys into our program, and are saying goodbye to Torey Rozario who has served at HFLM since September 2012. Although she is leaving Rwandathis month, her legacy will endure in Rwanda, and we hope God will lead her to come back to serve.
Torey trying on the dress Chantal gave her
Torey has made a tremendous impacton the lives of our staff, children, and the families of our boys. As a result of her hard work and dedication, we successfully reintegrated 9 boys into their families last November, completed renovations on 5 family homes, and aided 3 families in developing income generating projects.  She also took on the responsibility of Interim Executive Director, giving Hilliary a much needed time in the States to regain her health and raise financial support for HFLM’s operations. We have all been deeply moved by Torey’s heart, compassion, and hard work. As evidence of the staff’s deep love for Torey, Chantal surprised her with a Rwandan dress she had made for her. We look forward to seeing her sporting her jazzy dress in Americain honor of her extended family in Rwanda.  Please pray for Torey as she returns home and for future guidance of where God might lead her.
Let us now introduce to you the new boys who have joined our family. Olivier and Emile are neighbors who grew up in extreme poverty, receiving at most one meal a day. Olivier told us that for as long as he can remember, he has always been hungry. In hopes of finding a job and supporting their families, they hitchhiked to Kigali. Their high hopes were dashed when they arrived: “We were unable to find a job and found ourselves begging on the streets, eating from garbage cans instead.” After a couple of months of living in these conditions, they were brought to HFLM. We were shocked to discover that they are both 14 years old. The severe malnutrition is most evident in Emile who is one of the smallest boys at HFLM and looks like he is 8 years old. In addition to his severe malnutrition, his skin is worn and marked from sleeping outside in the cold since he was a child.
Both of the boys have quickly transitioned into the HFLM family. They confided in us how happy they are to have the opportunity to go to school and have their needs met. Nevertheless, Olivier still grieves over his siblings’ living situation. He shared, I want to study and when I grow up, I will support my brothers. I want to be a doctor or a police man because there are many in need and I want to help.” Emile also has dreams for his future, yearning to becoming a teacher. In addition to supporting them in the fulfillment of their dreams, we are excited that they both joined the church choir and want to give their lives to Christ. We have arranged with their church for them to be baptized on May 11th.
The HFLM family: Emile below Torey and Olivier upper right in orange
Shortly after Emile and Olivier came to HFLM, we contacted their families. Both of the mothers were filled with tears of joy upon hearing their boys were safe and immediately made a trip to HFLM to see their sons.  Our goal this next year is to equip these two families with the skills and resources to break their chains of poverty, enabling Emile and Olivier to return home.
Torey spending quality time with the boys before she leaves
Hilliary will be returning to Rwandain June and would love to bring laptops and computer software to teach the children of HFLM computer skills. If you are interested in donating either a laptop or computer softwareplease email Hilliary at andersonhfl@gmail.com. We also welcome your prayers for her as she prepares to return to Rwanda, as she has been struggling with health issues.
We have continued to be incredibly blessed by all of your prayers and support. It has been a privilege watching the transformation God has brought in the lives of numerous street children and their families.


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