August 2013


Veterne, Hilliary, Daniel, Idrissa, and Pascal
For founder Hilliary Anderson, it is a time of transition. She has returned this month to the States and Torey de Rozario has taken the Executive Director position in Rwanda. Tears were shed as Hilliary told the boys goodbye, uncertain of when she will return to Rwandaagain. “It is incredibly hard to leave. I have been with these boys for the last 5 years. It broke my heart as they shared how I am their mother and how hard it will be to not have mom with them. Thankfully, we had the closure we need and trust that it is God’s will that I return to the US.” Hilliary will continue working for their interests in the US, as she fundraises, offers administrative support and advocates for Hope for Life.


Hilliary, staff, and 18 boys on their field trip to Pacific Rim


For a special treat before leaving, Hilliary took all 14 boys residing at the HFLM center and 4 reintegrated boys who live near HFLM, to downtown Kigali to watch the movie Pacific Rim in 3D. It was a perfect “dude flick”, packed with action and aliens. This was the first time any of the boys had ever seen a movie in a theater, and the 3D movie provided even more surprise. The boys gasped as characters popped out of the screen. Breaking movie etiquette, they gleefully chatted amongst themselves about how cool the movie was. Throughout the movie the boys could be seen putting out their hands trying to touch the images that were developing before their faces, and lifting up their 3D glasses to make sure there were no aliens in the room. It was especially a thriller for 9 year old Puppy, who cuddled up to and squeezed onto volunteer Caroline’s hand throughout most of the movie.


Idrissa enjoying his new life at HFLM

This last month we brought two more boys to HFLM: 12 year old Pascal and 13 year old Idrissa. Pascal and Idrissa were retrieved from the transit center (essentially a juvenile detention center for street children until they are placed into an organization). They shared with us how harsh the transition center conditions were; they only had one meal a day and upon arriving at HFLM, they suffered from malnutrition. After facing many hardships in their lives, they are excited to be at HFLM and about the prospect of attending school. Idrissa shared his dream of becoming an automotive engineer and Pascal his desire to become a community leader.

Only a few days after praying with Pascal, we were happy
to see he was feeling well enough to play soccer

We thank all of you who have prayed for Pascal. He had developed severe malaria and the treatment he was prescribed was ineffective. We were worried that he might die because of the severity of the malaria. One night his fever was so high that he lay in his bed nearly unconscious. Hilliary gathered HFLM staff and prayed over him, and also encouraged Pascal to pray with them (this was the first time he had prayed in his life). We were relieved the next day to see a dramatic improvement in his health, and a few days later he was well enough to go with the rest of the boys to the movie. We ask for your continued prayer for his complete healing.

It has been amazing watching God continue to move in HFLM. We had the opportunity to share the gospel with both Pascal and Idrissa, who informed us they had never accepted Christ into their hearts. After sharing what God did for them, they were eager to commit their lives to Jesus. Thank you for all of your support that has made this work possible.


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