July 2013


Hope you had a happy 4th of July! Rwandaalso shares the Independence Day of the USA. The children have enjoyed having two days off of school to celebrate Rwanda’s Independenceand Liberation Day.

Since Hilliary’s arrival two weeks ago, she has enjoyed spending time with the staff and boys, as she prepares for Torey’s arrival and transition into Executive Director. She recently told the boys for the first time that Torey would be coming back for one to two years. The smiles of joy on their faces were priceless as they all began cheering and clapping exuberantly. The day continued in joy, when Hilliary brought out legos and Playdough.  Playdough is a novelty for the boys and even the oldest proudly showed off their cookie cutting skills. It is so good to see the boys just being kids, since most missed that opportunity in their childhood.


Upon arriving at HFLM, the three boys who were baptized in May were quick to share their celebration with Hilliary (the pastor and choir came to HFLM to celebrate the baptisms). In the backdrop, God was moving in Djuhudi’s heart, who after the celebration declared that he also wanted to be baptized because he believes that Jesus is Lord and died for his sins. This was a big decision for Djuhudi who comes from a Muslim family. He explained that he could be beaten for his decision to follow Christ, if discovered. It has been remarkable seeing Djuhudi continue to transform after making this decision. He has begun singing in the church choir and told Chantal that he wants to be at peace with everyone and to follow God. This change of heart is evident in his kindness towards the other boys and staff at HFLM.


Hilliary shared, “I never thought the day would come that I would watch a movie in 3D at a theater in Rwanda. As I sat with oversized tinted glasses, I imagined how thrilled the HFLM boys would be to experience a movie at a theater for the first time. Their eyes would literally pop out of their heads (well, maybe not literally).” It would be such an exciting adventure for the boys to see a 3D movie in town. If you would like to donate to help make it possible, let Hilliary know at andersonhfl@gmail.com. But, SHHH it’s a surprise!
Thank you all for your support and prayers! The boys continue to do well, and all but one of the boys who have been reintegrated are thriving with their families. Puppy, who was reintegrated in December, returned to the streets due to lack of care, so we have taken him back to live at HFLM. He is happy to be back at HFLM, and we hope to keep working with his mother and Aunt to see if reintegration in the future will be possible.  Continue to join us in prayer for Puppy, the boys who have been reintegrated, for those remaining at HFLM, and for Torey’s leadership transition.

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