Business Loan Reunites Family

We are honored to invite you to a benefit dinner and silent auction on October 12th! Spend the evening with HFLM’s three co-founders (Chantal Umutesi is coming all the way from Rwanda!) to learn more about our transformative work and raise money to provide for the incredible children that have come into our lives. To learn more and RSVP for the event, click here

Over the past three years, we have been able to transition 11 boys from our center into their families’ homes. Although the work of reconciliation is difficult and requires extensive time and energy from all parties involved, seeing a child who was once living alone on the streets now smiling with his family, makes it all worth it. It has been amazing seeing God work in the families of our boys, and we want share Eric’s and Simeon’s stories with you.

Eric’s Story

8-year-old Eric came to HFLM covered with scabies with his life in danger. HFLM’s Children’s Director, Chantal, says, “The boys who lived with Eric on the streets were so violent. They used to beat him and give him drugs… it took him 3 weeks to recover upon coming to HFLM.” Over the past two years, HFLM has helped Eric’s mom, Yvette, leave an abusive relationship and relocate to a neighborhood near HFLM. She now sees Eric almost every day and is even employed tending our small vegetable farm. We are hopeful that as Yvette grows in stability, Eric will soon be able to return home. To “meet” Eric and his mom, watch his testimony on youtube by clicking here.

Simeon’s Story6-year-old Simeon arrived at HFLM in 2009 as an extremely malnourished, shy, and sick child. His parents love him deeply but were unable to provide for his physical needs with their extremely small income of $18 per month.

Left: Simeon when we took him into HFLM; Right: Simeon now

Over the next three and a half years, HFLM staff worked extensively with his parents to develop their ability to generate enough income to meet their family’s needs. This journey began by connecting them with a local savings group where they participated in devotionals and learned basic business skills. Shortly after, HFLM helped them develop a business plan and granted them a loan to start a small shop. Each quarter, Simeon’s father would walk three hours to make his loan payment and never missed a single one. Through his new business, he has doubled his monthly income and Simeon was able to return to live with his parents and nine siblings in 2012.

HFLM staff visits Simeon (center in) and his family at their home.

Due to their demonstrated character, the success of their business and their commitment to honesty, we have recently granted their family a second loan of $240. By next year, Simeon’s family will have raised their monthly income to $50, enabling them to increase their provisions to their children.

To read more highlights of our work, view our 2013 annual report. Thank you for your participation in building God’s kingdom in Rwanda. We are deeply grateful for each one of you!

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