We Love Our Volunteers

Over the past five years since our inception, Hope For Life has been greatly impacted by the countless individuals who have generously shared their resources, talents, and time. They continue to make our work with the children on the streets possible.
One such individual we’ve depended on in numerous ways over the last year is Charlie Gladitsch.  After graduating in 2013, Charlie jumped at the opportunity to volunteer a year of his time as the HFLM Sustainability Coordinator. Over the past several years, we have wanted to focus more on self-sufficiency as an organization. That has been possible recently as a result of Charlie’s dedication. Here are just some of the things that have happened under Charlie’s creative leadership:

  • A water catchment system was designed and built, which provides clean water and reduces water costs
  • New farming techniques were developed that improve our ability to grow food and reduce our food costs
  • Construction of a chicken coup and development of a plan to allow the boys to eat one of our goats each month which increases the boys’ protein intake
  • A new sponsorship program was created
  • An innovative and interactive communication workshop was held for our staff
  • A new basketball court was funded and built

Charlie visits Baby and Pacifique at boarding school
Those were just a few of the extensive projects that Charlie orchestrated and was the mastermind behind. And now Charlie is hosting a fundraiser in his hometown of Vail, Colorado on October 3rd. He saw firsthand that committed donors play a central role in HFLM’s sustainability.  Charlie exemplifies self-sacrifice, innovation, and generosity on a daily basis and we are so grateful for the role he plays.

Here’s a huge hug and a heartfelt thank you to each one of you who helps make transformation on Rwanda’s streets possible each month. Together we are making a difference.


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