February 2014

Five years ago, David, Pacifique, and D’Amour were living in a garbage dump; their minds were filled with thoughts of food, shelter, and numbing their pain. They never dared to dream about what their future might look like, as all of their energy was consumed with merely surviving another day. Today, David, Pacifique, and D’Amour have discovered their mutual ambition to become gospel artists, and they are on their way to achieving their dreams. Last year, they formed a gospel band called Shining Hope and produced their first song, “You Are Precious,” singing about their transformed lives since knowing Jesus.

Charlie with Pacifique, David and D’amour outside the radio station

 Last month, HFLM volunteer Charlie Gladitsch brought Shining Hope’s song to a gospel radio station in Kigali. The radio host loved the song and asked if the band would come in for an interview the following day. You can imagine the boys’ elation after hearing they would be on the radio! On interview day, the radio host played “You Are Precious” and interviewed Shining Hope for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the rest of the HFLM boys tuned in to listen as Shining Hope shared about using their vocal talents to praise God and share His love with the world. The host proclaimed he would play their song every day he works!  “You Are Precious” has been playing daily, and the station eagerly awaits for Shining Hope to produce more of their music.

The impact has been profound, as they realize that God has big plans for their lives. 19-year-old David said, “I thank God that it happened and I hope God is supporting Shining Hope. It was a huge celebration to have finally made it on the radio. With my background on the streets, I never expected to make music that was played on the radio or to be interviewed. Being with my brothers and having the support of HFLM really encouraged me. When I got home from the interview, I wrote down my whole experience so I would never forget that day. It was a special day in my life.”


This is a testament to the vast transformation and endless opportunities that open up when children are equipped to leave street life. We couldn’t be more proud of the incredible men that our boys are becoming!
As we continue to encourage Shining Hope’s dreams and invest into the talents of all the boys at HFLM, please consider joining us. To promote Shining Hope, you can:
1. Donate towards the costs of producing their songs (each songs costs $115 to produce);
2. Like their Facebook group.
3. Listen to and share their music.
Thank you for the many ways you support the lives of HFLM children. We trust you are encouraged upon hearing how lives are being changed and how the boys use their talents for the glory of God.

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