February Update

  • On February 1st, the children began attending public school! With your partnership, we have been able to equip 21 children to go to school and better their futures. The eldest is in primary 6 and all the small ones are in primary 1. Please be praying for the success of our boys and that they would not get discouraged in their studies or by the fact that the students in their classes are all younger than them.
  • Play For Hope, a Christian sports ministry organization, held a soccer clinic with our kids, teaching them drills to improve their skills. The kids had a wonderful time and several local street boys participated as well. Their staff noticed a huge difference in our kids exclaiming, “Whatever you have done, you’ve certainly done it right! These boys are so different from when they arrived at HFL.”
  • We continue to be in relationship with local street children who regularly come to HFL to wash, to receive a meal, to pray, and to be accompanied to the doctor if they are severely sick. Each day, several of these boys beg staff to be accepted in HFL.
  • Your chance is finally here to connect with one of the boys at HFL on a personal level – to learn more about his family history, his interests, his dreams, and to begin communicating directly with him via emails. No financial participation is required to participate. Simply email Hilliary Anderson at anthill00@hotmail.com and tell her you’d like to get involved. We hope you will be transformed as much as we have by being in relationship with these children.
  • For more stories and information on what is happening at Hope For Life, check out Megan’s blog: http://www.megstersblogs.blogspot.com/ .
Paul, one of the oldest and most mature boys in HFL wishes to be the one to thank each of you for your support this month. He boldly exclaims, “God sees your generosity and will have rewards waiting in heaven for all you have done for us.”

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