March Update

Your partnership has helped 22 children successfully complete their first month of public school! We have seen immense fruits from our labor over the past year, working to increase the academic level of our children through remedial school and lessons at home. All seven boys in 1st grade have excelled beyond their curriculum, and Paul’s 4th grade teachers have reported him as “chief” of his class intellectually and in leadership! This is a miracle given that one-year ago Paul couldn’t read or write.


  • HFL has accepted its 20th child into our residential program. Eight-year old Muhawe has been accessing our drop-in services for several months, and began staying at HFL when he contracted a severe case of malaria one month ago. He is now healthy, healing from extreme familial trauma, and is happily enrolled in school for the first time in his life.
  • Two HFL Staff are going back to school to complete their Bachelor’s degrees as they were financially unable to do so until now. We are excited to be a part of equipping and training Rwanda’s leaders.
  • HFL has purchased 50 chickens to generate income! Thank you to all who donated through the quilt raffle and enabled us to begin this project.
  • HFL has the opportunity of possibly receiving a grant from Hovde Foundation (www.hovdefoundation.org), which would enable us to buy land, build a house, and begin agricultural self-sustainability projects. Please be praying that the grant proposal will be accepted.
  • There have been several grenade bombing attacks in Kigali the past few weeks, which have been attributed to the upcoming Presidential elections. The attacks are occurring far from HFL, but please pray for God’s protection of our staff and boys, and the overall country of Rwanda.

On March 13th, HFL is happily celebrating its 1-year anniversary since rescuing 11 boys from prison and establishing HFL. We can’t thank you enough for your partnership this past year in caring for the total 22 children now enrolled in our program. Each child has a truly remarkable story of transformation, and we could not be happier! We hope you are encouraged to trust our good God and to continue being involved in building the kingdom of God in Rwanda. From all 22 children and 7 staff
Morning stretchesin HFL, Murakoze Cyane (Thank you so much)!

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