Hope For Life December 2011 Update

The past month has been very eventful at HFLM despite most of the boys staying with family or relatives for a portion of their two-month school holiday. Six boys stayed at HFLM for the whole holiday break, which means the home is a bit quieter than normal.

Over the break, many of the boys have been thriving while staying at their relative’s homes. One in particular, Uwimana, has impressed us with his continued diligence to attend church and choir practice on his own initiative. Each Sunday since staying with his relatives, he has walked two hours to attend church and choir practice with the rest of the HFLM boys. Although many of the boys found their home situations improved, some have found life at home even more difficult than when they first left to the streets. As a result, a few of the boys temporarily went back to the streets.

When Chantal and Hilliary were looking for one of the HFLM boys on the streets, they encountered two young boys named Puppy (7) and Eric (9). These boys were covered from head to toe with painful sores and itchy bites caused from scabies. Moved by compassion at the conditions of these boys, they decided to take them to HFLM. When the Puppy and Eric arrived at HFLM, their faces lit up at the new prospect of life. Puppy has lived in severe poverty his whole life and was finally forced to the streets a couple months ago. Eric has lived on the streets for over two years because his stepfather refuses to allow him to live at home with his mother. They have adjusted very well and are now thriving at HFLM!

The Coopers arrived in Kigali in mid-November and will be helping with Hilliary’s duties while she is in the States. Corban and Laura, with their two young daughters Kaiah (5) and Petra (2) have transitioned well. They are learning how HFLM runs and the many things needing to be done. They joined HFLM for a big Thanksgiving meal where they heard testimonies from the boys about how Jesus has filled their hearts with gratitude. After a message from the Bible about being thankful, everyone went around and shared what they are thankful for. The two new boys were thankful for being able to come to HFLM and one praised God that he is finding healing from his scabies. Jackson melted Laura’s heart when he said he was thankful that God has changed him to be a “good boy now”. It’s amazing to see that God can and does change the hearts of all of us.

Thank you all for your support and prayers! Please continue to pray for the boys while they are visiting their families, for Emmanuel who has returned to the streets, and for the Coopers as they are learning the ropes at HFLM.

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