November 2011 Update

We are excited to have completed our second full year of school at HFLM! We are very proud of the boys for all of their hard work and how well they have done. In particular, we have been very impressed with Paul, who was the 1st in his class of over 50 students for the third trimester in a row! His diligence and hard work goes beyond his studies and can be seen in his spiritual life and his willingness to help those around him.

Daniel, another boy who we are extremely proud of, has been a role model to all of the boys with his work ethic and servant’s heart. Every day he can be seen at Jacky’s side, who is called “Tantine” (Auntie), helping her cook and clean. He has been dubbed the name of honor, “Little Tantine,” which he proudly bears and grins broadly every time he hears it called. Later this week, we are going to surprise him with a gift in honor of his inspirational character. Recently, Tantine discretely asked him, “If you could have anything, what would you want?” He responded, “My very own Bible and a new pair of shoes.”
The boys now have two months of holiday, and almost all of them are going home to spend anywhere from 10 to 60 days with their families or relatives. We are looking forward to this time, as the boys will have the opportunity to further reconcile with their families. Also, their families will no doubt notice the transformation that has taken place in their lives. We ask you to join with us in prayer for the boys who may face minimal parental guidance and supervision while they are home. Please pray that they will stand strong as they face temptations and peer pressure.

The arrival of the Cooper family this month represents a prayer that has been answered. The Coopers will be volunteering at HFLM for the next 6 months, assisting with the Executive Director position. This will provide a positive family model for the boys and allows Hilliary to return to the States so she can complete her student teaching (her last semester) at Moody Bible Institute.

We thank everyone who donated money to purchase Bibles last month! We were able to buy 11 Bibles and a book store has also agreed to donate a few more. It is a gift that is truly treasured by the boys. Even the smallest boys who don’t know how to read, excitedly flip through the pages, imagining the stories behind the ink. We also often catch 15 year old Berco hiding in the corner reading the Bible, or sneaking off with one after devotions.

We would like to thank all of you again for the support and prayers that makes the transformation in these boys’ lives possible.

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