How a Boy Found Love in a Box




“Can I ask you something?” 16-year-old Djuhudi quietly asked his HFLM counselor one afternoon.  “Does my dad love me? I don’t think he does.”
These issues began the day Djuhudi was born. Tragically, Djuhudi’s mom passed away in childbirth and his father blamed Djuhudi for her death. Djuhudi’s father has never accepted him as a son or pursued a relationship with him. While Djuhudi has made enormous strides over the past five years at HFLM, self-worth is still a daily struggle.


Djuhudi’s Sponsors, the Lush family, are crazy about him!


Djuhudi wearing a new shirt he unwrapped from his sponsors.




Then, one day, a package arrived with Djuhudi’s name written in big letters across the front. It had travelled 9,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from his sponsors in Colorado. Djuhudi unwrapped the package slowly, pausing frequently to ask, “Is this really for me?” With each rip of tape, a smile widened on his face, accompanied by a sparkle in his eyes that wasn’t usually there. In that moment, we sensed his relief. Djuhudi had been desperately trying to find love, and it ended up finding him, wrapped in a big brown box. He fumbled in awe as he opened the package and found numerous handwritten letters, photos, and gifts. He could not believe that someone had taken the time to do this just for him. 

While this act of kindness might seem small to you and I, it was a loud affirmation of self-worth to Djuhudi. Our boys didn’t grow up receiving words of love spoken into their lives. They didn’t often have loving arms wrapped around them. They didn’t have family figures bending over backwards to put them through school. And while Djuhudi receives affirmation and love from our staff on a daily basis, the message of self-worth was reinforced in a unique way coming from a family on the other side of the world. And that love has stuck with him to this day.


Your support, encouragement, and love matter deeply to the children at HFLM. It reaffirms their value, provides hope, and gives second chances. A handwritten letter from you could be just the hope they need to keep believing that they aren’t alone. To learn about sponsoring a child and having the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with him, please visit our website.



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