Prayers for Burundi






Our neighbors to the south in Burundi are experiencing political unrest and violence (BBC article here). The unrest began recently when current president Nkurunziza announced that he would be running for re-election this June after already serving two terms. Burundi’s constitution states that a president can only be elected to two terms. Nkurunziza, however, argues that he was “appointed” rather than elected for his first term. 
Photo taken from BBC article referenced above
Weeks ago the country’s courts upheld Nkurunziza’s understanding, which has led to opposition and unrest from citizens and military members. Out of fear, tens of thousands of Burundians continue to flee to neighboring countries. Not only are we deeply concerned with the state of Burundi,  and the mass amounts of refugees entering Rwanda, but two of our boys’ families live in Burundi. Please stand alongside us in prayer as we lift up Burundi and the families we work with. #ComeJesusCome


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