January 2011

Hope For Life Update January 2010


Singing filled the Hope For Life home on Christmas day as the children’s choir joined our Christmas celebration. Everyone eagerly took part in eating a large roast and drinking soda pop, which was a special treat for everyone. The night was topped off by the announcement of the Christmas presents: a ping pong table, soccer goals, and cleats. The boys were thrilled to receive these gifts and were grateful to the individuals and groups whose extra donations made this possible.

Hope For Life welcomed a surprised visitor this past month, DJ Walkers, who is a filmmaker from Washington DC. He is composing a short film about HFLM, which will shortly be viewable on Facebook. The film is sure to be full of creative dance moves from our goofy boys who couldn’t stop dancing and singing in front of the camera! Most children in Rwanda are very shy about their photo being taken, but not our boys.

Additionally, a Rwandan sports ministry called Play For Hope (www.playforhope.org) put on a soccer camp for youth in Rwanda, which integrated Christian values as they taught soccer skills. Our boys were privileged to attend and they enthusiastically learned how to set goals, be self controlled, and of course, snazzy soccer moves.

After a great vacation from school, and a happily celebrated Christmas, the children are eager to start another year of school in a few weeks and are patiently waiting ill March when we will move into our new house being constructed by the Hovde Foundation. Looking back on how God has provided for and blessed this ministry, we remain keenly aware that none of the work amongst the children of Rwanda would be possible without each of your support. As our newest member, 13 year old Djuhudi stated, “When I came to HFLM I thought I was going to die. But this is a place of hope. I have it now.” Thank you for helping to bring hope into the lives of Rwandan children. We look forward to another year of partnering with you.

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