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Hope For Life Update December 2010
This month HFLM welcomes our 23rd member, 13-year-old Djuhudi. The day of Djuhudi’s arrival, the boys began cleaning the house and washing Djuhudi’s new clothes and bedding completely on their own initiative. When Djuhudi finally arrived, the boys ran to him with hugs and immediately began showing him around the house. Djuhudi is an intelligent and inquisitive boy, who is overcoming severe malnutrition from street life. After being abandoned by his immediate family and abused by his extended family, Djuhudi left for the streets. When asked his opinion about HFLM a week into his stay, Djuhudi replied to his social worker, “I like it there. They actually care about how I’m doing and they take good care of me. I don’t want to leave.” Please join us in praying for Djuhudi’s transition into HFLM, asking God for holistic healing, that Djuhudi will not be tempted to leave, and that he’ll come to know Jesus.
Most of the children have returned from visits to their extended family members during their school vacation. The majority of their journeys were successful and they returned to HFLM happy to have seen their relatives. One of the older boys was finally able to reconcile with his family after not seeing them for five years. Because of the positive outcomes, we plan on pursuing further family involvement in HFLM this coming year.
During the children’s school vacation, HFLM staff were able to spend a lot more time with the boys. We’ve enjoyed attending a national soccer match, completing small projects around the house, playing, and studying together. While on a bus earlier this month, the eldest boy, Paul, turned to the staff and randomly stated in perfect English, “You are a gift from God in my life.”
We are so thankful for our sweet boys, our new staff, and the overwhelming peace and joy that have filled our home over the past few months. We are grateful for your support and prayers and want you to be encouraged by knowing that God is not only hearing our prayers, but is thoroughly answering them. Thank you for partnering with us in 2010! We wish you a Christmas full of thankfulness, joy and peace!
Megan Swanson & Hilliary Anderson

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