July 2010 Update

This week, HFL staff arrived to see all the boys hard at work cleaning dishes, sweeping, cleaning out their rabbit cages, and washing their clothes. They are motivated by a new program created to encourage them to continue having good behavior and to complete their chores. Staff will randomly draw two names of boys each week, and if they’ve been good, they’ll be taken out by staff for the afternoon and given $2 to spend as they please. Words fill the air at HFL of soccer matches, buying icecream, and having more personal time with staff members.

Six Seattle Pacific University students visiting Rwanda eagerly volunteered to help HFL this month by cleaning and painting our dirty walls and playing with the children. While on his way home from school, eight year old Daniel heard from neighborhood kids that six abazungus (white people) were at his house. When asked why he arrived home from school unusually early before the rest of the boys, he wheezed between heavy breathing, “I was so excited, I ran the whole way back!”

This month, HFL’s newest member Muhawe wants to thank you. Two months ago, Muhawe wore dirty, clothes and a stone cold expression on his face each day as he begged and lived in an abandoned building. Today, Muhawe regularly impresses staff with his humility and servant attitude. While the SPU team scrubbed away grime, Muhawe stood watching. 30 minutes later, he mustered up the courage to ask if he could help. Seeing the huge, delighted grin that spread across his face when we assured him that we’d love his assistance, you’d think we’d just given Muhawe an amazing gift! He eagerly began scrubbing walls and cleaning floors alongside of us, joyfully humming and smiling. We praise God for the changes in this young boy.

“This is Muhawe. I am 12 years old. I pray for you so that you can continue to help us at HFL. I ask God that He’ll let you be able to visit HFL someday. I also thank God because He changed me and took me away from the street and now I’ve stopped taking drugs. Please continue to pray for me. I also thank God because I used to have bugs living in my feet and now they are gone!”

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It all sounds like things have been picking up with Hope For Life. People are moving in to help and prayers are continually being answered. I'm glad to hear of God's great work through all of this. It is a privilege to know a person who started leading something so great.

I found your website while doing some work for the Hovde Foundation. I'm blown away by the work that you do, and the faces of the children you serve will remain in my head and my prayers for a long, long time.

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