Learning at every corner

Staff Development

HFL’s Directors, Chantal and Megan, attended an annual conference organized by the Hovde Foundation, a partner of HFL since 2010 who provides shelter and support services to vulnerable children. The gathering was an informative and encouraging time to discuss best practices in the field with similar organizations from Africa and South America. The trip even included a day of fun in Disneyland, a first for Chantal. A big thank you to the Hove Foundation for the learning, memories, and continued partnership!




School Success

This year, the younger boys in HFL’s home switched to a higher quality school and we have seen drastic improvements in their educational success. Four children have learned how to read and all the kids are now excitedly having conversations daily with staff in English! They used to be hesitant to speak a new language, but now, thanks to their new teacher’s encouragement, the home is buzzing with English!



Thank you for playing your part to enable these exciting learning opportunities for the kids and staff. We are grateful for you!

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