Glimpses of Community

Family Preservation

We are firm advocates that the best place a child can be is with their family, whenever possible. Thanks to your partnership, these three sisters, who were at risk of being forced to the streets by poverty, have been able to remain with their family and attend school.


Diana, Rachel, and Mediatrice (left to right)


Becoming Family

We are so proud of the amazing young men at HFL! The older boys truly treat the younger ones as their brothers and can often be seen offering advice, helping with homework, and participating in tickle fights.




Fostering Community Outside of HFL’s Walls

HFL’s kids blow us away. One of the students in Djuhudi and Olivier’s class has been sick so they recently spent a day visiting him and his family. Each month, you are helping to raise boys who are thoughtful, compassionate, and passionate about caring for their community.


Djuhudi (left) & Olivier (right) going to visit their friend

At HFL, we agree with the ancient African proverb that “It takes a village to raise a child.” This life changing work wouldn’t be possible with you. We offer our sincere thanks for being “the village” for so many children in Rwanda.

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