March 2011 Update

HFLM was privileged to welcome Eric and Sharon Hovde and Jeff Boyd of the Hovde Foundation to Rwanda last month. During their visit, we held the Opening Ceremony for our new home, the Swanson-Hovde House. We hosted many friends, supporters, government officials, neighbors, teachers, and pastors who have helped to make HFLM possible over the last 2 years. Although we wish all of you could have participated in the celebration with us, you can still catch a glimpse of the ceremony and the new house on the video posted below.

This exciting event has made us even more eager to move into our new home next month. One child enthusiastically wrote to his pen pal, “We got a surprise this year. Guess what! God has provided a very big and beautiful house for us!”

During the Hovde’s stay, we were able to visit the First Lady of Rwanda. She was extremely pleased with HFLM’s service amongst vulnerable Children in Rwanda and decided to award us with a cow!

To the great enthusiasm of the boys, HFLM has decided to increase its security by taking in and training a guard dog. As of now, HFLM’s guard dog, Winnie, is an adorable puppy that has been providing entertainment, companionship, and the opportunity for the children to learn gentleness and responsibility.

Please be praying for our beloved Veterne, who has been crippled since he was a baby, as he will be receiving corrective surgery for his legs on March 24th. Pray for his safety, a successful surgery, and a full recovery.

We have been so encouraged by the continual transformation of the boys’ lives. When Djuhudi first came to HFLM two months ago, his body was frail from lack of nutrition and his heart was hardened towards God. He initially had a difficult time fitting into HFLM and refused to take part in going to church and praying. Now he absolutely loves going to church, praying, and listening to gospel music. He is so grateful for how his life has changed and wants to thank you all for your support. “Hello! My name is Djuhudi and I am 13 years old. I have been at HFLM for two months. I gained weight and I go to school now and my studies are going well. The boys at HFLM, we love each other and we eat together everyday. My best friend here is Daniel and he is 12 years old. We sleep together. I am friends with everyone here now. I want to say thank you!”

Thanks again for all of your support and prayers.


HFLM Staff

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