April 2011 Update

It is hard to believe that our boys have completed another academic quarter. Once again, two of our children received the highest test scores in their class. Congratulations to Paul and Berco! Some of the boys were discouraged with their test scores, but we continue to encourage them in their progress. They now have two weeks of vacation before their next quarter begins and HFLM will happily welcome home David, Claude, and Bosco from boarding school. During this time, the boys will participate in a nationwide memorial of the 1994 genocide, which claimed an estimated 800,000 lives.

(Yves playing soccer)

We want to thank all of you who have been praying for Veterne. His leg surgery was successful, and we praise the Lord that there were no major complications. Please keep him in your prayers as he is still in a lot of pain and we expect that his recovery will take several months. Veterne is eagerly looking forward to his initial recovery and beginning rehabilitation to learn how to walk! He has also been encouraged by the support offered by his family through this process.

Due to unfortunate delays, the new house is still undergoing modifications. We are now scheduled to move in at the end of this month. The boys have been patient in waiting for their home to be finished but are very anxious to move – especially when they thought the empty sewer tank was a swimming pool! Join us in prayer that the construction will be completed soon.

(The new HFLM home)

The new house is a 45 minute walk from the boys’ current school. This was a great disappointment because they have grown to love their teachers. Since learning of this obstacle, they have fervently been praying for bikes which would enable them to attend their current school. This last month members from Northlake Christian Church donated enough money to buy all of the bikes needed to travel to school! But shhhh, it’s a surprise! We are waiting until the boys move into the new house to share with them their answered prayer. HFLM staff cannot wait to see them screaming and dancing for joy when they hear the good news. Thanks again for making this possible and continually supporting HFLM.

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