Marching Upward

School Success

In Rwanda, after students complete primary school (the equivalent of elementary and middle school), they go to secondary boarding school.
This includes the children who live at HFL’s rehabilitative home. Each year is bittersweet; we celebrate as a family when students continue to progress in school, and yet we also experience sadness when a HFL child graduates to boarding school as we no longer get to see them everyday. This year, two more students moved into secondary and we already feel their absence. Last month, we had a surprise visit from Olivier who came home to give us hugs and share what his new school is like! He is transitioning well and loves his new school!

Olivier et Patrick


Meet Aimable

“This year in school, I was #1 in my class! It makes me happy. My dream is to know modern and traditional dance. I would like to be the best and then get money and help street children like I have been helped. My other dream is to grow up and have a family. I want to be a father and I want to educate my children and class.” Aimable, 10-years-old



3rd Annual Gala

HFL’s Seattle gala is right around the corner! Buy your tickets at: www.auctria.com/auction/HopeForLifeAuction2017.

Can’t attend? Please consider giving in lieu of the occasion at www.hopeforlifeministry.org/donate.

3rd Annual Logo

Thank you for your continued partnership in marching upward!

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