November HFLM Update – Good news!

Hope For Life Update November 2010
We have much good news from Rwanda to celebrate this month! The boys have officially completed their first academic school year, many for the first time in their lives. Two boys received the highest test scores in their class for the entire school year! The oldest boy has passed his exams and will enter secondary school in January. One of our former boys, Claude, also returned to HFLM after leaving for the streets for 5 months. Futhermore, we are starting our family reconciliation program, where each child has the opportunity to visit any existing relatives – we’ve even been able to locate one child’s extended family all the way in Burundi!
Additionally, construction on our new “Hovde House” has finally begun! 6 of the children who do not wish to visit their relatives are staying at HFLM for their holidays. When asked what they’d like to do during their time off of school, they replied, “We want to help build our new house! We can carry rocks and chop bushes and sweep!” Construction is set to be finished mid-February 2011, at which point all staff and children will happily move into our new home.

At the construction site, our land is scattered with lush fruit trees. 7-year-old Emmanuel began helping to pick the ripened fruit, stuffing every pocket he owned full of small mangoes. When local poor children arrived half naked and with bloated stomachs, little Emmanuel looked down at his full pockets, then at the kids, back at his pockets, and back at the children. Suddenly, an idea came to him and a sweet, shy smile began to spread across his face. He reached into his pockets, took out all the mangoes he had and started passing them to all the little kids. I love seeing Jesus in our boys!
Sincerely and gratefully,
Megan & Hilliary

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