November Update 2013

 “My name is Grace!” five year old Grace proclaimed excitedly.  It is a rare sight seeing someone so proud to declare their name, but up until this last month, 5 year old Grace had no name to share.

Grace holding her new doll. She immediately named her Cynthia.

Last update we introduced Benjamin and his twin sister Grace who we found living in a marketplace.  When we brought the twins to HFLM, we were shocked to discover they believed their names to be “boy” and “girl”. During the 2 weeks Grace was at HFLM, Torey sat her down and explained that although she is a girl, that is not whoshe is. “You have a special identity to your Heavenly Father. We want to tell people who you are by giving you a unique name.” The name Grace came easily as we saw her Heavenly Father’s evident love for her, caring for her and giving her a brand new start in life. Torey shared with Grace that her name will continue to grow meaning as her story unfolds and as she understands her redemption. 

Because HFLM is a center for boys, Grace only stayed with us temporarily. She is currently at a loving home and looks forward to HFLM’s weekly visits bringing Benjamin to see her. In January, the twins will both move to a new center called Africa New Life allowing them to be reunited and also attend one of the best schools offered in Rwanda. 

Grace wearing Charlie’s glasses (When she first came to HFLM, all she owned was this onesie and torn skirt).

A huge gift that continually blesses our organization is the wonderful volunteers that come serve in Rwanda. This month we are excited to introduce you to our Sustainability Coordinator, Charlie Gladtisch: 

Hello friends of HFLM! My name is Charlie. I arrived at the end of September and will stay for one year. My role as the Sustainability Coordinator includes implementing income-generating projects, working to reintegrate boys into their families, and networking with other organizations to help meet our needs. I have loved getting to know the boys, especially watching them grow into men of God in our semi-weekly bible studies.

Eric showing another one of his creative ideas

A few weeks ago, the little boys and I read about treating our neighbors as we would like to be treated. I began to close the lesson when 11 year old Eric interrupted with a stern look on his face, “Why can’t we give our leftover food to the boys still on the streets?” My thoughts skirted from security risks to difficult implementation, but I realized that God can easily brush those barriers aside. Even if it’s just an extra bowl of rice, we do have more to give. It’s beautiful to see the boys challenge us to follow Christ more closely. After a long pause, I told Eric he’s absolutely right, and we’d look into it.

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