October Update 2013

We are experimenting with HFLM’s update style and would love to hear your feedback. Recently we were quite touched by God’s hand at work and we share with you this unfolding story. Hope For Life’s Children’s Director, Chantal, recently heard about two young children who were living in a nearby market. Shortly after, Chantal and I (Torey) began a search to find the children. Chantal, known as Mama Muto (small mama) throughout is a master at weaving through the busy market.

We found ourselves in an area of the market most would avoid, as it is dirty and filled with a thick smell of urine. In the midst of hardened faces and swarming flies, there stood a pair of five-year-old twins  who lit up as we arrived. The boy having heard of HFLM already had an idea of why we were there. However, as our ministry is only a home for boys, we stared in bewilderment at his sister wondering how we might also care for her. The instantaneous decision was to bring her to HFLM and provide a shower, meal and love, even if only for the day. 

Benjamin holding hands with his sister


While in transit to HFLM, we posed question after question to better understand the background of these adorable twins. We soon realized these children believed their names to be “Mahungu” and “Makobwa”, which directly translates to boy and girl in Kinyarwanda. Having grown up on the streets and in the market, their innocence was robbed and experiencing cruelty and abuse became normal. With their father in and out of the hospital due to epilepsy and an absent mother, they were left to find their own way and care for each other.


As we approached HFLM, the twins were wide eyed taking in their new surroundings while tightly holding onto our hands. It was so painfully obviously how starved for affection these little ones were. Tears began streaming down their cheeks every time we would put them down or let go of their hands. However, when moments of bravery sparked, the boy would go play soccer with Olivier, a 14 year old residing at HFLM.

Top: Benjamin with a volunteer. Bottom: Benjamin’s sister wearing a spare shirt as we washed her clothes.

After the first week of living at our home, the staff named our new boy Benjamin after Jacob’s youngest child in the Bible.  Benjamin was Jacob’s youngest son, just like our Benjamin is HFLM’s little one. Having a little one at the home has shifted roles at HFLM and it has been fun watching the boys nurture and care for him.  Our HFLM boys recently came up with personal goals and Olivier lovingly shared, “I want to show Benjamin how to do things. I want to be a big brother for him here.” Olivier has fully taken on this role and is often hand in hand with him helping with his chores or washing their clothes together.

Benjamin has become an integral part of our family and is no longer defined by the market. He has a new name, a new home, and a new spirit. His kindness, affection and infectious smile make our days brighter. We continue to search for a stable home for his sister.  Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we look for the best placement for her and also for Benjamin as he transitions into his new home at HFLM. Thank you for your support and being part of this life transforming work.  


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