September Update

Together, we’ve done so much!

This month we celebrate 6 months of work amongst street children in Rwanda! Each week, we continue to receive positive reports from Rwanda documenting the healing, growth, and holistic transformation of these 11 boys. Since March, you have helped to rescue formerly homeless children from jail, provide them with basic necessities, equip and train 4 Rwandan leaders, and offer education, Christian mentorship and a second chance at life.
As we celebrate all that has been done, we remain keenly aware that this work has been made possible because of your compassion and generosity. We hope that you are encouraged with what you have heard and seen, and that your faith is being strengthened by what God is doing in and through us.
Progress Spotlight: Pascal

“When we started the house, Pascal was the worst behaved boy among all the others. He couldn’t listen, he fought with the others, and told other boys to escape and go take drugs. When the kids began school, he couldn’t listen to the teacher, and he didn’t know the alphabet. 6 months later, Pascal has passed 1st and 2nd grade and is even able to follow along in English class! His behaviors have completely changed. He is obedient, kind, and helpful and he has surrendered his life to God. When you ask him if he could go back and take drugs, he responds, “ No way!” –HFL Staff Member, Josiane Uwamaliya
HFL Boys initiate weekly outreach to street
“Entirely on their own, they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints.” 2 Corinthians 8: 3-4

Staff in Rwanda have started an evangelistic outreach to other street children in the Kigali area. Each week, 40-50 street youth have been coming to a church service at the HFL home, which includes prayer, preaching, worship and basic social work services. Several of the kids have been saved, numerous have vowed to stop using drugs, and others are deciding to return to their homes and try to reconcile with their parents. Additionally, local community members are beginning to get more involved in helping to mentor the kids. Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of this outreach is that the idea originated from the 11 boys in HFL’s home. As they began dedicating their lives to Christ and praying for other street kids in Rwanda, they expressed the desire to reach out and proposed to begin this outreach. At the church service, they help bathe the street kids and wash their clothes. We have been deeply encouraged that generosity and compassion is being rooted in these children as a result of the hope and joy you have given to them.
Praise & Prayers

  • Staff are looking for Claude, a street boy who was previously enrolled in a different street youth program. He is back on the streets or in jail. Pray that HFL staff find him soon.
  • The kid’s teachers continue to give positive reports on how quickly the boys are progressing academically, especially in their English lessons.
  • The rabbits HFL purchased have had another round of bunnies, which will soon be ready to sell at the market.

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