Hope For Life October 2012 Update

A note from our volunteer: ToreyGenerously supported by my family in California and Colorado, I’ve made my way to Rwanda to work with Hilliary for the next four months. Along with general administrative tasks, my

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Hope For Life September 2012 Update

These past few months have been a very fruitful time with so many blessings that fill us with gratitude.  We have witnessed continued spiritual development, prepared for reconciliation, welcomed visitors and interns, and even built

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August Update

             (Twizerimana before and after the streets)Last July, HFLM took in 14-year-old Twizerimana (meaning “believe God”) who initially had a countenance of grief due to a deeply wounded life. His life dramatically changed a year

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July Update

Hope For Life July 2012 UpdatePraise the Lord! Hilliaryand Gwen, our intern from Moody Bible Institute, arrived safely in Rwanda. They are enjoying living at the home with the boys, showing God’s love to them,

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June Update 2012

Thank you all for your prayers for the Cooper family! As they completed their time serving in Rwanda and were preparing to leave, Corban caught a 24 hour flu and had to be hospitalized. Thanks

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May 2012 Update

We are excited to share a few stories of transformation from Hope For Life with you this month!Each week, approximately 10 to 14 local street boys in our community participate in our Outreach Program by

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Hope For Life April 2012 Update

Tear drops hit the red dust near a little boy’s bare feet. His bloated yet empty stomach protrudes under tattered overalls that hang loosely from his shoulders. His bed is the protective walls of the

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Hope For Life March 2012 Update

“This is one of the most fun things I have done in my life!” exclaimed several boys as they swam for their first time in a pool. Corban and Laura Cooper treated the boys and

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February Update 2012

This last month, the boys and staff at Hope for Life have experienced tremendous growth and maturity in Christ. We have been blessed to have Corban and Laura Cooper serving as the Assistant Directors. They

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New Year Update 2012

Hope For Life wishes you a Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone who donated money so that our boys could have a Christmas celebration. A Rwandan organization also contributed, taking the boys to play

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