April 2010 Update

  • Last month we had a wonderful 1-Year Celebration with the children and community members in Rwanda who have been involved with HFL this past year. Paul shared his testimony with boldness and inspired several people who were in attendance. We wished each of you could have been here to celebrate with us. We look forward to another year together!
  • HFL’s new connection program has begun as each child excitedly received their first letter from their penpal. Each child has been encouraged greatly at having a friend in America who would want to be personally involved in their life. When they received their letter and pictures from their pen pals, they ran around the house excitedly yelling and waving their pictures in the air. Thank you to all who are participating and bringing hope to our 20 kids. If you would like to be a penpal to one of our children, email Hilliary at anthill00@hotmail.com

    A competition has emerged amongst all the children as they are currently in the middle of their first set of exams. They are studying diligently and can be found everynight praying together on their own initiative, hoping to earn the right to tell their American penpal that they are the smartest student in their class. We are so proud of each child, and particularly of Paul, Veterne, and David whose teachers have reported them as having the highest scores in their classes thus far!

  • We are thrilled to report that all of our boys have been tested for HIV/AIDS and all are negative!

Pacifique wishes to thank you each of you for your support. He writes:
“Hello! Most importantly, I greet all of you who live in America and support HFL! I am happy to write you and to tell you we are so happy in HFL. Everyday we watch TV, play soccer, and study. I don’t have any problems in my life now and I am so happy to go to school. I am also happy to sleep in a good bed and to have a bed room. I praise God because He is big and He gives me life.. Thank you so much for helping us! God bless you so much. Love, Pacifique.“

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