May Update 2010

We are THRILLED to report that our boys have received their report cards from their first term in school. They performed remarkably! 15 out of 20 of our children were in the top 10 of their class, with the average class size being 45 kids. In third grade, Paul had the highest scores in the class, Pacifique took second place, and Habimana took third place. This has been a huge validation of all the hard work HFL’s staff has been doing the past year, preparing the boys academically to re-enter the public school system after so many years away from school. The children are pleased with their scores and a healthy competition has emerged for Term 2 to see who will be first in their classes. Meanwhile, their teachers remain happily stunned! We could not be happier or prouder of their achievements and diligent effort.

Yves, a 13 year old boy in HFL, decided to fast for the first time last month because he wanted to draw closer to God and ask for wisdom to do well in school. The night after his day of fasting, Yves loudly woke up the oldest boy in HFL exclaiming, ‘I think I’m dying! Wake up and make me some food!’ We all had a good laugh the next morning.

This month, Emmanuel wishes to thank you for your support of HFL:
My name is Emmanuel Nshimiyimana and I am 15 years old. I greet all of you, our friends, in America. Today I am so happy because I am in Hope For Life. I am happy because I am studying so well in third grade, because I am becoming a strong child of God and because I know that God helps each person who is sad. I thank God because we are so good here now. I want to tell you thank you so much and I ask that God will bless you for helping us. I hope that you have a good life and to see you in Hope For Life someday. God bless you!

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